Which way to work with materials you choose is up to you. The main thing is that the ending, the theoretical part is a solid scientific basis for empirical research. Or at least it was the faceof it.

In any case, your supervisor, reviewer, as well as any member of the state commission who decided to get acquainted with your diploma research, should find in the theoretical chapter:

Disclosure of the studied concept, the essence and content of the object of researching, and from different hights of view and scientific places.

Clear scientific terminology and/or chronology. You may need to create your own terminological and/or chronological approach.

Analysis of the components, links, and elements of these phenomenon being studied. It can be the learningof types and forms, stages and periods, ways of manifestations and mechanisms of functioning, forms of realization, etc. Often for the disclosure of the essence of the concept, the method of classification

The graduate student needs to get acquainted with the developments of the predecessors who worked with these question, to study the way of its study. In the theoretical part of the diploma, one should emphasize familiarity with various approaches to the study of the problem

It would seem that adhering to a clear structure, without turning from the chosen idea of writing and creating an array of necessary materials, the student may well write the theoretical part. In practice, this may not be enough: the content does not satisfy the scientific adviser, the logic of opening topic suffers a lot.

Often the student is hampered by his passion for the problem and the departure from the topic. The student wants to touch on additional questions, and as a result, a lot of excesses or even care in another theme.

It is very important to keep the theme of work, the main idea, before our eyes. You have to check yourself all the time: am I following a common theme? Do I deviate from the goal, do I depart the plan? Focus the view on the problem, otherwise, it will turn out that the work you have about everything and about anything.

Superfluity- is another problem that is characteristic of many graduate students. Do not get carried away by compilation, do not pile facts for the sake of facts. Keep in mind as its main task the independent creation of a theoretical concept. This means that the collected materials should be used for illustration, analysis, comparison