Plan for writing an essay: we analyze the main errors

Before you sit down to work on the essay, you need to write a clear plan. This will help to correctly allocate time and make it on time. How to do it – read this article. How to correctly plan time for writing an essay? Start by choosing a topic. If the teacher has assigned you a personal topic, then you miss this point. But often, on a test or exam, the teacher gives the right to choose a suitable topic for the course on their own. For this it is necessary, first, to look through all possible options, and choose among them the most interesting ones. Secondly, to assess the level of information availability among sources available to you. Perhaps, you will like a topic, but it will be too difficult to find information for it. Thus, after doing these two actions, you will reduce the choice of possible topics to 2-3. Among them, choose the one that seems most interesting to you. Write about what you like, it’s always much easier. To write an abstract as simply and qualitatively as possible, it is necessary to select literature. How to do it? First, of course use electronic catalogs, libraries and various Internet resources. Try to choose sources in which information is processed from scientific, printed sources. This increases the level of their reliability. Ideally – use books and articles from scientific journals. Secondly, in the ordinary university library, you can almost always find good literature, with which you can write a worthy essay. But this option is not suitable for all because of its laboriousness. How to start writing an essay? Or better order essay from professional essay writer and save time ?After you have decided on the literature, start reading and analyzing it. If the texts are very large, try to choose those fragments in which there are citations, underscores, boldface. As a rule, they contain all the main information. And of course, always read the first and last 3-4 paragraphs, because they contain the basic ideas.
Ready-made abstracts can and should be used. In them you can find a good list of literature or individual fragments of the text that will help you when writing your own. Always analyze and process the information received, it will help to make any work much more qualitative. Do not forget about the semantic division of the essay. Be sure to write sub-headings, or divide the text into chapters and paragraphs. Highlight key ideas, terms in bold. If necessary, add tables, illustrations, graphics. The text should have a clear structure. A solid set of thoughts will not please any teacher, and it will be difficult for you to orient yourself in such work. Do not forget to complete the work according to according standards. This is discussed in more detail in another article.