Article Review Writing Servise

Before writing reviews you need to understand what kind of texts are, what functions they perform and what are they actually needed for? I will try to bring you as close as possible to the essence of writing texts of this direction.

This is a summary of a large text. For example, to attract the attention of users to the output of a product, reviews are written. A person, after reading what is useful to him, the exhibition described in the review, will understand whether he should visit it. This is an example. It’s not for intended for a wide range of readers.

Not only is the opinion introduced in the article review. You will need to use the text of the article and on it is basis write a review of the author’s ideas. You will respond to his arguments, using your own thoughts, theories and developments. Your assessment will depend on the evidence and your analysis of the topic.

The article review is a response to the research materials received by the author. It doesn’t carry out additional research.

The summarizes the author’s ideas and gives an assessment of these ideas in  article review.

Think about the structure of the article. Before you get started, you need to think about the structure of the text. This will allow you to understand how to read the text to be able to write a good overview.

Summarize everything stated in the text. Take a closer look at the most important statements and arguments

Tell us about the positive aspects of the text. Write about the fact that the author was successful, with what arguments do you agree, what are the author’s observations..

Find the contradictions, gaps and inconsistencies in the text. Decide whether the author has enough grounds for the conclusions. Find problems for which there is no answer in the article.

Critique the article. Read the title, the excerpt from the article, the introduction, the subtitles, the first phrases of all item, and the derivation. Then read the first few item and the conclusion to them. This will allow you to get acquainted with the author’s arguments and key thoughts in the article. Then read the entire article. Reading it for the first time, try to present the picture as a whole, that is, determine the main idea.

Write out words or concepts that you do not understand, or questions that you have.

Look for definitions of terms or info about concepts that you are not familiar with, so that you can fully understand the text.