Book Review

Literary criticism unites creativity and science. A professional literary critic knows how to write interestingly about books, he knows a lot about literature. In contrast to the gray university professors who have been teaching for half a century. When you want to learn about novelties of the literature, you do not write out thick magazines, but turn to the Internet.

Many sites and forums offer readers to express their views on the book read. Share your own impressions. If in your text there is nothing but impressions, this will be a reader’s review. If you are determined to become a critic or a professional reader who writes competent reviews, you must learn to analyze.

How to write a book review

If you still consider peer review as an uncomplicated entertainment, “keep your illusions if you can.” Because for a competent review you need to analyze the book on such items:

– Subjects and problems. Roughly speaking, what problems and what topic is the story about?

– Pathos and genre. That is the author’s attitude to his own story. The writer jokes, sneers, dramatizes, or maybe tries to frighten the reader? Based on this, we can talk about the genre.

– Title. Usually it has a symbolic meaning, and as you read it, you understand its depth (or its absence). The exception is entertaining, mass literature, for which the name is one of the sales tools.

– Composition and composition techniques. On which parts you can divide the text, how they are located.

– Style of the author, artistic techniques, images. What is the individual signature of the author?

– Character of the characters, their development and motivation. Heroes should not remain static. Evaluate how the author outlined the characters, whether they changed during the narrative. Was the writer able to create living, believable images.

– Conflict. This point is closely connected with the composition, problems and characters. Often the basis of the narrative is a clash of interests or a dramatic conflict.

In other words, to write a review, you need to understand the writer’s cuisine, “how is made” a novel or story. And when you figure it out, you can formulate your opinion, discuss the merits and demerits of the book. All these points are closely related, so they analyze them, taking into account the relationship.

Article Review Writing Servise

Before writing reviews you need to understand what kind of texts are, what functions they perform and what are they actually needed for? I will try to bring you as close as possible to the essence of writing texts of this direction.

This is a summary of a large text. For example, to attract the attention of users to the output of a product, reviews are written. A person, after reading what is useful to him, the exhibition described in the review, will understand whether he should visit it. This is an example. It’s not for intended for a wide range of readers.

Not only is the opinion introduced in the article review. You will need to use the text of the article and on it is basis write a review of the author’s ideas. You will respond to his arguments, using your own thoughts, theories and developments. Your assessment will depend on the evidence and your analysis of the topic.

The article review is a response to the research materials received by the author. It doesn’t carry out additional research.

The summarizes the author’s ideas and gives an assessment of these ideas in  article review.

Think about the structure of the article. Before you get started, you need to think about the structure of the text. This will allow you to understand how to read the text to be able to write a good overview.

Summarize everything stated in the text. Take a closer look at the most important statements and arguments

Tell us about the positive aspects of the text. Write about the fact that the author was successful, with what arguments do you agree, what are the author’s observations..

Find the contradictions, gaps and inconsistencies in the text. Decide whether the author has enough grounds for the conclusions. Find problems for which there is no answer in the article.

Critique the article. Read the title, the excerpt from the article, the introduction, the subtitles, the first phrases of all item, and the derivation. Then read the first few item and the conclusion to them. This will allow you to get acquainted with the author’s arguments and key thoughts in the article. Then read the entire article. Reading it for the first time, try to present the picture as a whole, that is, determine the main idea.

Write out words or concepts that you do not understand, or questions that you have.

Look for definitions of terms or info about concepts that you are not familiar with, so that you can fully understand the text.

Think independetly

One of the goals of higher education is to teach the student to independently think and instill in him the skills of scientific work. Therefore, on each course (in some universities, the exception is given to first-year students) is written a small scientific work. It is called – coursework. Are you sure how to write excellent coursework?

The choice of the teacher. It is from this step that the writing of the course is started, which you are going to protect on “excellent”. First, each teacher has his own range of interests, on which topics of course and diplomas depend.

Choose a topic. The choice is not always given to the student, but something can be done here. For starters, as we have already said, it is necessary to choose the right scientific leader – from those teachers whose topics are closest to you. Then – to discuss with the teacher a range of topics that can be taken for the course.

Keep in mind that the courses, which are written on the 3rd – 4th year, usually become the heads of the thesis. So think ahead! The most intelligent students are already in the first-second year of the theme course chosen with an eye to the diploma.

Planning. When you get a general idea of the topic of the coursework, begin to draw up a plan. More precisely, the plan should be two: brief and abstract. First, make a short plan for writing a term paper, discuss it with the teacher. Then write out the plan in the theses: to each paragraph – by a paragraph or at least on the proposal: what are you going to write about, what issue that you want to discover

Compiling a list of literature. Most teachers suggest the main works that you need to rely on when writing a course paper (this is another reason to come to a consultation, and not immediately hand over the finished course to a scientific supervisor).

Search for sources. This item is required not at all faculties, but on some – required. For example, historians use chronicles, chronicles, memoirs, diplomatic documents, archival materials as sources. Philosophers take the works of brainy representatives of antiquity and modernity

Do not confuse sources with literature! When preparing a course, they are allocated separately

These rules are just base of your coursework. According to these small plan writing perfect coursework just take some time

Mistakes in theoretical part of diploma

Which way to work with materials you choose is up to you. The main thing is that the ending, the theoretical part is a solid scientific basis for empirical research. Or at least it was the faceof it.

In any case, your supervisor, reviewer, as well as any member of the state commission who decided to get acquainted with your diploma research, should find in the theoretical chapter:

Disclosure of the studied concept, the essence and content of the object of researching, and from different hights of view and scientific places.

Clear scientific terminology and/or chronology. You may need to create your own terminological and/or chronological approach.

Analysis of the components, links, and elements of these phenomenon being studied. It can be the learningof types and forms, stages and periods, ways of manifestations and mechanisms of functioning, forms of realization, etc. Often for the disclosure of the essence of the concept, the method of classification

The graduate student needs to get acquainted with the developments of the predecessors who worked with these question, to study the way of its study. In the theoretical part of the diploma, one should emphasize familiarity with various approaches to the study of the problem

It would seem that adhering to a clear structure, without turning from the chosen idea of writing and creating an array of necessary materials, the student may well write the theoretical part. In practice, this may not be enough: the content does not satisfy the scientific adviser, the logic of opening topic suffers a lot.

Often the student is hampered by his passion for the problem and the departure from the topic. The student wants to touch on additional questions, and as a result, a lot of excesses or even care in another theme.

It is very important to keep the theme of work, the main idea, before our eyes. You have to check yourself all the time: am I following a common theme? Do I deviate from the goal, do I depart the plan? Focus the view on the problem, otherwise, it will turn out that the work you have about everything and about anything.

Superfluity- is another problem that is characteristic of many graduate students. Do not get carried away by compilation, do not pile facts for the sake of facts. Keep in mind as its main task the independent creation of a theoretical concept. This means that the collected materials should be used for illustration, analysis, comparison

Plan for writing an essay: we analyze the main errors

Before you sit down to work on the essay, you need to write a clear plan. This will help to correctly allocate time and make it on time. How to do it – read this article. How to correctly plan time for writing an essay? Start by choosing a topic. If the teacher has assigned you a personal topic, then you miss this point. But often, on a test or exam, the teacher gives the right to choose a suitable topic for the course on their own. For this it is necessary, first, to look through all possible options, and choose among them the most interesting ones. Secondly, to assess the level of information availability among sources available to you. Perhaps, you will like a topic, but it will be too difficult to find information for it. Thus, after doing these two actions, you will reduce the choice of possible topics to 2-3. Among them, choose the one that seems most interesting to you. Write about what you like, it’s always much easier. To write an abstract as simply and qualitatively as possible, it is necessary to select literature. How to do it? First, of course use electronic catalogs, libraries and various Internet resources. Try to choose sources in which information is processed from scientific, printed sources. This increases the level of their reliability. Ideally – use books and articles from scientific journals. Secondly, in the ordinary university library, you can almost always find good literature, with which you can write a worthy essay. But this option is not suitable for all because of its laboriousness. How to start writing an essay? Or better order essay from professional essay writer and save time ?After you have decided on the literature, start reading and analyzing it. If the texts are very large, try to choose those fragments in which there are citations, underscores, boldface. As a rule, they contain all the main information. And of course, always read the first and last 3-4 paragraphs, because they contain the basic ideas.
Ready-made abstracts can and should be used. In them you can find a good list of literature or individual fragments of the text that will help you when writing your own. Always analyze and process the information received, it will help to make any work much more qualitative. Do not forget about the semantic division of the essay. Be sure to write sub-headings, or divide the text into chapters and paragraphs. Highlight key ideas, terms in bold. If necessary, add tables, illustrations, graphics. The text should have a clear structure. A solid set of thoughts will not please any teacher, and it will be difficult for you to orient yourself in such work. Do not forget to complete the work according to according standards. This is discussed in more detail in another article.